Posted On: July 9, 2009 by Gregory E. Vaughan


Our firm is now handling a number of these claims on behalf of homeowners. See the below article by Steve Alexander from WKRG Channel 5 for more information:

"Imagine living in a home that makes you sick and causes your air conditioning to go out.
That's what several dozen people in Prichard say is happening to them, and they want help.
45 people are filing lawsuits over Chinese drywall in their homes in the Bessemer subdivision of Prichard.
Jerome Leland is one of those filing suit.
He said copper wiring in his house has turned black.
Leland's attorney, Gregory Vaughan, claims the drywall used in Leland's home and other homes is putting out harmful gases.
Vaughan said, "The drywall is off gassing sulphur into these homes, causing damage to a number of electrical systems."
Leland said he's had his his air conditioning system repaired many times, but it keeps breaking.
And that's not all.
Leland said, "My computer, my TV, my washer and dryer, my fire alarm system, all that stuff has been damaged. I had a question mark about a lot of things that were going on in my house, as far as the kids' nosebleeds, my upper respiratory problems."
Leland and Vaughan are suing the Prichard Housing Authority, The Mitchell Company, which built the houses, and suppliers.
Vaughan said, "We'd like to bring the parties together and see if we can't work it out."
Leland said, "I'm just really hoping that they'll do something about this as quick as possible because this is ridiculous."
Aside from this lawsuit, the Prichard Housing Authority is suing The Mitchell Company, and The Mitchell Company is suing Chinese and German suppliers."

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