Posted On: July 26, 2009 by Gregory E. Vaughan


Before you start your next project be sure to maintain the following list of documents in the event you are forced to file a claim on a payment bond in Alabama:

Copy of your contract and all change orders;
Invoices and delivery receipts;
Pay applications;
A statement of account;
Copies of all correspondence between the parties; and
Copies of all notices served upon any party regarding a payment demand/claim.

The surety will likely ask for these documents in order to process your claim.

In Alabama, most projects funded by tax dollars (public projects) require the purchase of a payment bond by the general contractor. Private projects do not have such a requirement.

Seek legal advice asap in the event you have not been paid on a construction project and must file a bond claim. Time limitations vary and may require quick action on your part.

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